River Rats

The Captain Meriwether Lewis National Historic Landmark and the Museum of Missouri River History are supported by the River Rats Reunion, an organization formed in 1982 to provide fellowship and camaraderie between the men, women, and their families and friends who worked on the Missouri River. It is also open to those who just share an interest in the Missouri River. Captain Raymond Holland, the first curator on the dredge, first proposed such a group, and it began with the help of Carl Jones, Bobby Sage, and Dutch Henry.

The River Rats pursue several projects in Missouri River preservation including the publication of their newsletter, “River Rats News”, the promotion of the annual Lewis Dredge Clean Up Day, creation of the “Missouri River Rat Hall of Fame”, and notice of RiverBarge excursions on the river. The River Rats are open to new members, enthusiasm, and new ideas.

To join the River Rats Reunion, or for more information, please contact:

Mary Beth Kernes, President
R#1, Box 230
Julian, NE 68378-9612
[email protected]