Oral History Project

The Meriwether Lewis Foundation is currently co-sponsoring an oral history project with the Nebraska Humanities Council. This project, headed by Carl Jones, records the history of the Missouri River and its changes through interviews with men associated with the activities on the Missouri River. Interviewees include Corps of Engineers personnel, a boat operator, a fisherman, and a pile driver foreman. This project compliments another multi-year oral history project undertaken by Mary Beth Kernes at Peru State College. Kernes, a student at the time, oversaw shorter interviews conducted by high school students. In addition to preserving this history by archiving the tapes and transcripts at the Nebraska State Historical Society, Jones and Kernes hope to compile a document for publication.

For more information on the Meriwether Lewis Foundation or the Oral History Project, please contact:

Harold Davis, President
Captain Meriwether Lewis Foundation
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Carl Jones
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